Youth and Family Services

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Family support

  • Providing supports to families with children under 18 years of age (children in utero included)

    • Referral and advocacy

    • Therapeutic and practical supports to reconnect and strengthen families –

    • Parenting programs Triple P Teens, 123 Magic and Engaging Adolescence, FERP (Family Emotional Regulation Program 8 -11yrs)


  • Supporting youth aged 12 -18 homeless or at risk of homelessness or disconnection from family/education/community or positive social networks

    • Referral and advocacy

    • Therapeutic supports, brief intervention supports

    • Practical supports to reconnect or remain connected with housing services, specialist health services, education services, employment readiness and strengthen protective family connections

Youth Support

  • Supporting youth aged 12 – 21 vulnerable and at risk of homelessness or disconnection from family/education/community or social networks as well as;

       Special consideration for siblings of Youth Support participant, aged 8 -11 years.

  • Referral and advocacy linking youth with pathways to supports within community.

  • Outreach services providing individual case management, practical supports to secure stable accommodation, develop life skills, connect with education and employment opportunities, develop positive social connections, link with medical and mental health professionals.

Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse Services

Child and Youth Connector

  • Providing young people and families of young people, aged 8 – 21 years, with information and connection to speciality counselling services for young people exhibiting sexually reactive behaviours, and/or having experienced sexual abuse.

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