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Youth and Family Services

Each program area maintains a client-centred, recovery-oriented case management model.


Family Support - 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone

Providing Advocacy and Referral, therapeutic and practical supports to vulnerable families with children under 18 years of age (children in utero included) in the Gladstone region. If you are interested in Family Support, please contact the YFS team on 07 4972 0047 or


Services Gladstone region by supporting youth aged 12 -18 homeless or at risk of homelessness or disconnection from family/education/community or positive social networks, with Referral and Advocacy, early intervention, and case management to reconnect or remain connected with protective adults, stable housing, education/employment services and social and emotional wellbeing. If you are interested in Reconnect support, please contact the YFS team on 07 4972 0047 or


Youth Support  - 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone

Services Gladstone region by supporting vulnerable youth aged 12 – 21 through individual case management, in both outreach and small group capacity, to enhance social and emotional wellbeing, connect with education supports and develop skills to become active and positive members of our community. Youth Education and Development small group programs such as BranchOut, FlexOut, Ready for Work and RollOut are offered to people through our Alternate Learning Centre. If you are interested in Youth Support, please contact the YFS team on 07 4972 0047 or


Youth Enhanced Support Service (YESS) - 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone & 55 Denham Street, Rockhampton.

A National Mental Health Stepped Care service, providing clinical therapeutic and psychosocial supports to young people aged 12 – 25 years, in the Gladstone and Rockhampton region, who are experiencing, or at risk of developing severe/complex mental health conditions. Referrals pathways through CYMHS, RQ programs and PHN.


Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse Services - Child and Youth Connector - 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone.

Information, Advice and Referral service providing young people and families of young people, aged 8 – 21 years, in the Gladstone region, with referral pathways to connect with speciality counselling services in community for young people exhibiting sexually reactive behaviours, and/or having experienced sexual abuse. For more information, please contact the YFS team on 07 4972 0047.

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