Housing Services

Community Housing                                   Housing Office Hours:

21 Dawson Road, Gladstone Qld            Monday to Friday 9am-3pm

(07) 4972 0047

Community Housing provides accommodation for low to medium income earners. Referrals for long term accommodation are provided through the Department of Housing.

Short Term Housing for Young People

Roseberry manages properties for vulnerable young people aged 16 to 25 years. As part of the tenancy agreement, young people will work with our TIL worker.


Crisis Housing
Roseberry Qld  manages crisis accommodation, which is available for singles, couples or families who are aged 16 years to 25 years.  Call Roseberry Qld to enquire about availability.

Long Term Housing
Roseberry manages a portfolio of long-term community housing units and houses.

As a community housing provider we operate under the One Social Housing System. All applications are made through the Department of Housing  tel: (07) 48992400.

Tenant Information & Resources 

Tenant Consultations and Services

RQ aims to provide the best possible housing and housing outcomes for and with its tenants. Seeking consultation and feedback from our tenants is a key priority and we do this through surveys, which can be completed anonymously if a tenant so wishes. Complete the survey here.

Tenant Information

RQ’s General Tenant Information Kit contains information relating to your tenancy. Download the kit here.

Tenant Participation

RQ publishes regular Tenant Newsletters, with information, news and handy tips. Read our Tenant Newsletters here:

March 2018 Newsletter

Property Maintenance Request

If you require any maintenance performed on your property, please complete this form. Or download and complete a copy here. 

If maintenance is an emergency repair, please call 07 49720047 during office hours, or 0409 587 439 after hours. Situations that are considered emergencies are those that could lead to death or injury

or serious damage to the property, or which could endanger health or prevent the property from being secured.

Housing Policies and Procedures

Housing Services Contributions Policy

Housing Services Application and Allocation Policy

Housing Services Eligibility Policy

Housing Services Housing Offer and Withdrawal Policy

Housing Services Tenancy Agreement and Duration of Need Policy

Housing Services Sign up of Tenants Policy

Housing Services Rent Setting and Rent Review Policy

Housing Services Rent Management Policy

Housing Services Bond Policy

Housing Services Changing Needs of Tenant Policy

Housing Services Referral Policy 

Housing Services Absence from Dwelling Policy

Housing Services Pets Policy

Housing Services Tenant Rights and Participation Policy

Housing Services Dealing with Bad Debts

Housing Services Rehousing Ex Tenants Policy

Housing Services Responding to Reports of Harassment (Racial and Sexual) Policy

Housing Services Additional Occupants & Visitors Policy

Housing Services Responsive Maintenance and Repairs

Housing Services Keys and Locks Policy

Housing Services Planned Maintenance Policy

Housing Services Modification of Properties Policy

Housing Services Property Standards Policy

Housing Services Property Inspection Policy

Housing Services Contractors and Trades persons Policy

Housing Services Maintenance of Common Area Policy

Housing Services Ending Tenancies Policy

Useful Information and links

Department of Housing & Public Works - Community Housing tenants. RQ recommends the Qld DHPW Tenant Factsheet (Your Rent in Community Housing) as a useful guide in gaining an understanding of rent calculation and eligibility criteria for community housing. Visit here.

Department of Housing and Public Works administers the Housing Act and is responsible for setting Public and Community Housing policy including eligibility criteria, rent, allocations and referral processes. The website is very detailed and can be accessed using the this link

The Residential Tenancies Authority is a Queensland Government body that provides assistance to stakeholders in the residential rental sector in Queensland. They provide tenancy information, bond management, dispute resolution, investigation, policy and education services. You can find out more by accessing this link.

RQ recommends the RTA Form 17A Pocket Guide for Tenants (houses and units) and the RTA Entry Condition Report. Access the form here

Queensland Government Homes and Housing website has information regarding renting, public and community housing and emergency accommodation. Access the information here.